Improve your upper body strength and get fit quicker!

increased Your resistance and cardio conditioning with  strength training weighted vest

  • It can improve and restore the body's balance and standing ability

  •  It can provide extra support for runners or walkers with skeletal muscle problems

  • It can exercise skeletal muscles to a certain extent, and has a certain effect on preventing osteoporosis

  • It can quickly improve explosive power, jumping power, sensitivity, and enhance endurance

  • Improve your cardiovascular endurance from carrying the extra weight while working out

A great addition to achieve your fitness goals

Are you deconditioned or out of shape? Simply wearing a weighted vest while walking can be a way to increase calorie burn without cranking up the intensity too much. Running with a weight vest can improve your running posture. 

Weighted vests work by training your body to exert more force to run during training sessions. It can help in developing strength, endurance and cardio by increasing your body weight.  The more weight you use, the more resistance you’ll encounter.

Getting fit doesn’t have to become a burdensome chore. Simply slip on this training vest before going on long walks or heading out to the gym for a training session. You can easily sync the vest to your current fitness level by loading its pouches with a sand or steel plate to add resistance and increase your calorie output during exercise sessions.

Choose our weighted vest to help your weight-bearing muscle training. You can add steel plates according to your load-bearing capacity to lift weights. There are 32 small bags for sandbags or steel plates (not included), and the weight can be adjusted according to the individual's physical fitness, exercise level, and bearing capacity.

 Enjoy your workout and improve your fitness 

designed for comfort and effectiveness

Adjustable Velcro tapes

adjust the fit to the body

It is fixed by two adjustable Velcro tapes, and the size of the chest and waist is adjustable, which is simple and convenient.

high-quality fabrics

workout in complete comfort 

Use skin-friendly mesh fabric, which can absorb sweat, is comfortable, breathable, and easy to clean.

Wide shoulder straps

Solve Shoulder Pressure Problem

Extra-wide shoulder straps and soft cotton cloth inside make it more comfortable to wear and solve the problem of shoulder pressure.

add new layers to your fitness

Increase the load on body weight moves with our reasonable offers



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  • Free: 7-20 Day Shipping

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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  • Free: 7-20 Day Shipping

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

7 Remaining

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

improve your athletic ability and push to the limit

Wearing it to exercises can effectively enhance your cardiorespiratory function, while increasing physical strength and flexibility.




Does this weighted vest contains steel plates?

The weight vest doesnot contain steel plates. The steel plate needs to be purchased separately. 

What is the load- bearing capacity of the weighted vest?

The maximum load-bearing capacity of the vest is 30kg.

Is the weighted vest adjustable to size and weight?

All body types, obese and thin men or women can try it. The weight of the steel plates can be adjusted according to personal physique and load-bearing capacity.

Will the steel plates fall off?

It adopts hook loop fastener design, the steel plate will not fall off.

Do you have a refund policy? (YES!)

We think that you're going to love our products but in case you don't, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on both opened and unopened packages. Please contact our support team at within 30 days of your received order for a no questions asked refund. Customers are required to return their item and pay for shipping for a refund.